Final Project

Mr. Chan, he is one of the ordinary undergraduate in HKBU. He also has different worries like other classmates, worried about GPA, the work within the University interest club, dating girls.

studying in university was out of reach in the past for Mr. Chan, He made a lot of effort to struggle for the achievement nowadays.

Chan was not a devoted student when he was in secondary school. He like playing football and cooking. As a result He only got 5 marks out of 30 in the HKCEE. He started to work outside. As he was interested in cooking, He applied jobs in this field. He worked as a junior chef and worked from day to night. During this period, he found out that he doesn’t equip himself enough. He could nit grip chances easily. Finally he applied IVE for devoting in being a chef.

He worked about 16 hours per day. It was really harsh for him at that time since he knew nothing in being a chief.

When he graduated from IVE, He started to work as a professional chef. He tried his best to do the job. His hardworking was not in vain. He was appreciated by his boss. At the same time he was thinking of another problem- Language. Since Chan only graduated from F.5 and learned cooking skill in the IVE, he knew that if he wanted to improve himself, he was harder and harder. He quit his job again and started studying in the associate degree program.

He wanted to equip himself because he remembered few years ago, a customer ordered a dishes in English. He only can guest half of the meaning. And most of the professional cooking books were written in English, if he want to improve himself, studying again was the only way.

Amazingly, he devoted so much time in studying. He was revising from day to night. He felt that he has a little different. In the end of semester, he even got the scholarship and grip the chances in studying in HKBU.

He study almost 8 hrs to 9 hr each days. It was quite relax compared with working. He thought he can get more and more satisfaction when studying. Since he doesn’t get any A in the past. He realized that more time he paid, more reward he can get.

Although Chan has used a lot of time in figuring how he should do in the future, Chan doesn’t think that he was wasting time. He think it is a good chances for him to recognize his dream and achieve it. He is now studying in HKBU and fighting for his dream. His personal experience told us effort won’t be wasted.

Group members: Laura 13204416, Alex 14202859, Samuel


What will you do to protect our environment?

Can you hear the birds sing?

Can you feel the wind blow?

Can you smell the scent of roses?

Environment has been a hot topic in the past few year.  What will you do to protect our environment?

This time, we interviewed some of the students in HKBU, too see how they protect our environment.

There is NO WAY to save our world unless we take the actions!

Group members: Laura 13204416, Alex 14202859, Samuel

Day in the life



Oct. 9, 2014

This is a documentary of Ryan’s daily life. Ryan Wong, a 5 year-old kindergarten student, will go to primary school in September 2015. Every Monday to Friday, he woke up at 8 in the morning and left school at noon. Different from others children, he doesn’t need to join the interest club and tuition class after school. Also, his parents didn’t arrange any extracurricular activities for him. He played in park after lunch every day. This photography shows a part of picture of this young kid, revealing something that people always forget – “happiness”.


#1 12:15pm

Ryan just left school and came back home with a tired mind, looking so dull.


#2 12:45pm

It’s lunch time! Ryan’s mom had prepared some fabulous-looking Chinese cuisines for him. He is enjoying it so much.


#3 01:30pm

He studied English without anyone force, also gave up the chance watching his favorite cartoon that just be played right in front of him.


#4 02:00pm

He used Lego to build a ring and gave it to his mom.


#5 02:30pm

Feeling so excited for going to park, Ryan just rode his bike so fast, not even remembered to wait for his sister behind.


#6 02:35pm

He rode his bike circling the whole park.


#7 02:40pm

He tried to finish the whole pebble walking trail. But at one point he realize the pain is so unbearable so he stepped one step out, hoping the sister would not notice that.


#8 02:45pm

Ryan met the cleaner at the same time in the same place every week for some chatting.


#9 02:50pm

He was trying to go through a special route by some climbing which made his sister worried about him.


#10 02:55pm

After playing the slides, he rushed to the sister in order to pass the electrostatic left on his body.


#11 03:00pm

See-saw is a two-man game but since no children were there at that time, so he could not find any friend playing with him, and he immediately gave up this game.


#12 03:05pm

He love the roundabout very much and the sister tried to speed it up.


#13 03:06pm

After 30 second, he was dizzy and started shouting loudly. “Stop!” he repeated. At last, he jumped out from the roundabout and hurt his butt.


#14 03:10pm

30 minutes later, Ryan was exhausted and some water was just what he needed to refill his energy. Therefore, he could avoid going back home so early and keep idling around at the park.